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Dear Tired College Student

Have you ever wondered how that girl from across the dorm hall manages to pass all her classes, work two night jobs and lead her sorority well without even showing a sign of breaking down?

You know who these students are. They are always the people whom your professors praise in class, have a bevy of admirers (you being one of them) for their amazing skill at life management and get up in the morning ready to tackle the day’s challenges with a flush on their cheeks and an annoyingly sprightly bounce in their step.

Do you want to know what their secret is? It’s not that these college achievers have an astounding amount of grey matter inside their skulls or are just extremely lucky in life.

To tell you the truth, most of them are just like you. In fact, you and they have very likely the same worries, problems and experiences that you would like to get rid of. Like you, they also:

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  • Wondered when they could land a decent job that doesn’t require them to take a second job just so they can make ends meet.
  • Sank to the floor at the thought of debt collectors hounding them every week.
  • Played with the thought of quitting college altogether and putting up their own superstar business like what Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did (separately).

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