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Dear Overworked College Student,
Does this scene sound familiar to you?

You rush from one class to another, before coming home to a cramped dorm room and grabbing some frozen leftovers and a bag of chips for dinner. Then, you head to your study table to conquer the 20-page essay on the history of the printing press and its implications on modern journalism only to find yourself nodding off because your body just cannot help but feel tired from all the work you’re expected to do. So you decide to set your alarm a few hours before submission time so you can crank out more or less a paper that you’re not too proud of but have to submit before your professor calls out, “Deadline! No more papers. I won’t accept them anymore.”

It is an everyday scenario about the life of a normal college student. Each day, you are expected to wake up from your bed (or study chair) to tire yourself out. Each day, you handle a mountain of responsibilities that were just suddenly put into your life the day you went to college. And each day, you have to take it all in without complaining because doing so will make you sound like a spoiled, little brat instead of a mature and responsible young adult.

Is It Even Fair? No, It’s Not!

Unfortunately, most college professors and everybody else who is not experiencing the same predicament as you think that all college students do is get drunk at frat parties and sleep during their classes. They are not even aware that most students bear the brunt of having two part-time jobs because they need to earn money so they can feed themselves, pay the landlady and pay back the thousands of dollars they took out in student loans.

To the largely uninformed, they even think college students are having the time of their lives, what with all the information they need now available on the Internet. Now, students can easily pass their courses with their eyes closed, they say.

How you wish that were true!

What is Fair, Then?

To, what is fair is giving worn-out college students like you a break. What is fair is understanding that college students are simply not superheroes who do not need to take a rest, eat healthy foods and enjoy a normal social life. What fair, to us, is lending a little help where we are needed.

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